The History of the Bed and Breakfast Scola Veja

b&b scolaveja susa chianocco

The “Scola Veja”, from the old school of Piedmont, was the old school of the Borgata, where, in the two floors where the b & b is housed there were multiple classrooms, in fact there were children in the same class from multiple classes.
Upstairs also in back of the room was converted into a small area where the teacher was sleeping.

The teacher in those days went up to the township on Sunday evening and went down on Saturday afternoon, as there was only the trail that led from the Valley of the mountain and was not comfortable climbing up and down every day.
During World War II it was used by the inhabitants even to find himself dancing on festive days.

The Borgata of the party as Santa Maria Maddalena the 22/07 and the 16/01 San Marcello that are celebrated on the nearest Sunday
The school was used as such until the ’60s.
At that time in the village there were three bread ovens and three grocery stores as well as the taverns.

Today the old school and become u bed and breackfast “Scòla Vèja” .the owner has decided to focus on himself and on the township. Leading to knowledge of many this enchanted place where time has stopped.

Especially foreign tourists or are fascinated
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