In a small mountain village at 1000 meters high, where time seems to stand still, where there is no traffic noise, and there is the opportunity to spend a weekend focused on the mental and physical wellbeing nutrition in B & B Scola Veja .

The package consists of:

– Arrival on Friday in the late afternoon, accommodation in the rooms.
– Dinner on the line, so with healthy and nutritious foods.
– After dinner Wellness rating with ipedenziometrica platform to the participants which is measured metabolic age,% lean mass etc .. and explanation of values.
– H. 8,30 muscle Awakening
– H. 9,00 balanced breakfast with products with all the micro and macro nutrients that our body needs.
– H. 9,30 Wellness program which explains the importance of ‘water, protein, good carbohydrates, such as fats and sugars choose, cardiovascular, and the importance of exercise apparatus.
– H. 12.30 Lunch with the smoothies
– H. 14.00 hike in the woods.
– H. 19,00 Dinner Online
– H. 21,00 Party hands (hands treatment with aloe products)
– H. 8,30 muscle Awakening
– H. 9,00 Balanced Breakfast
– H. 9,30 Walk
– H. 12.30 Lunch with the smoothies
– H. 14.00 Skins party (facial treatment with aloe products)
– H. 16.00 Departure.
For information and reservations: 3477904763